EZ Fill Honey with Turn Table

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EZ Fill Honey with Turn Table combined with an automatic Turn Table makes an efficient honey filling combination.  The pump head and table can be adapted for different glass jar diameters and heights.  The stainless-steel table and rails divide the tabletop into two sections: a feeding side and collecting side.  Empty jars are placed on the feeding side and are automatically guided under the filling nozzle.  Full jars are guided into the middle of the table.  You can fill about 400 16 oz jars in an hour.

Note:  The automatic table excels using round glass jars.  Other glass, queenline, hex, etc., also work with a little oversight.  Plastic requires a different sensor switch (sold separately) and constant attention due to their light weight and the nature of plastic to bind together.

Electrical requirement 110-120 V (220 V available special order)
Power consumption 100 W
Motor speed 14–100 rpm
Table diameter 38 ½”
Table height 64”
Height under filling nozzle ¼” to 12”
Weight 140 lb
Table weight capacity 110 lb
Fill range 2 oz to 70 lb
Filling accuracy Maximum 1–2% deviation
Maximum suction lift 60”
Maximum pump height 13’
Maximum volume flow 925 lb/hour
Filling temperature 59°–104°F / 15°–40°C


  • 11.10 x 44.70 x 45.30 inches
  • 141.00 LBS