Honey Robber®

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Tell your bees to get gone when it’s honey-pulling time! You’ll be amazed as the bees vacate the honey supers quickly and efficiently with just a few drops of Honey Robber on a fume board in the hive.

A Mann Lake Exclusive! Whether it's cool or hot, morning or evening, you can count on Honey Robber to get bees out of supers so you can get started on extraction. Honey Robber contains the same active ingredient as Bee-Go but works and smells better. 

Using Honey Robber in a Hive

When you're ready to pull honey, use Honey Robber. Just a few drops on a fume board will quickly move bees out of supers right before your eyes.

It can be challenging to smoke bees out of supers quickly, and that’s why we love the efficiency of using Honey Robber on a fume board. It’s a beekeeping must-have!

There is no hazardous fee for shipping pints, quarts, or gallons of Honey Robber. Due to shipping restrictions, Honey Robber cannot be shipped with USPS or by air.

Compare to Honey-B-Gone & Bee Go.

Notice: Mann Lake cannot ship Honey Robber to HI or AK.


  • 1.14 LBS
  • 5 & 55 Gallon containers do not qualify for free shipping.