Weston Pro-2600 Vacuum Sealer

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Product Details


The Weston Pro 2600 Vacuum Sealer is perfect when you want to preserve and extend the freshness of your chicken’s environment. Featuring a high-quality, durable construction and is designed to provide professional-grade performance and convenience.


  • A powerful, double-piston pump seal bar that finishes the job in half the time of the competition. 
  • 935 Ws of power is among the most powerful out-of-chamber vacuum sealers on the market. 
  • The lid offers the convenience of easier bag alignment and monitoring of the sealing process. 
  • Stainless steel housing, a fan-cooled motor, an extra-long 15-inch seal bar, and an LED light to monitor the stages of the vacuum seal.

Note: Vacuum Sealer Bags are sold separately.

Why Buy the Weston Vacuum Sealer

  • A quality, durable stainless steel build: It features an extra wide sealing strip that ensures you get your seal right. Its design is also sleek to make it versatile and space-saving.
  • Easy-to-use control panels. Has customizable settings for sealing and vacuuming. The manual sealing capability grants you full control. The LED lights indicate the vacuuming and sealing progress.


  • 9.90 x 16.00 x 23.30 inches
  • 26.70 LBS