Quick Coat Acrylic Stain, 5 Gallon

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Our premium paint stands out from anything you can find in your local hardware store due to its exceptional qualities. Specifically formulated for the beekeeping industry, our industrial quality paints offer superior performance. With a higher solid content compared to conventional paints, our paint provides excellent coverage and durability. Additionally, it goes on smoothly, ensuring a flawless finish. Moreover, our paint exhibits high blister resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection for your surfaces.

  • Approximate coverage per gallon: 200-400 sq ft
  • Application: Brush, pad, roller, or spray
  • Clean Up: Water
  • Sheen: Low Luster

This product cannot be shipped to California due to state and local regulations. Please call (833) 215-3040 for details.


  • 12.30 x 12.30 x 14.80 inches
  • 54.70 LBS