1500 Cabinet Incubator

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The 1500 Cabinet Incubator is the perfect solution if you want to incubate a large number of eggs. It can hold up to 1368 quail eggs, 354 pheasant eggs, 270 chicken eggs, 198 duck or turkey eggs, or 45 emu, goose, or peafowl eggs. Its substantial egg capacity makes it ideal for poultry enthusiasts and professional egg hatchers alike.

This cabinet incubator model operates on 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, with a power consumption of 325 W. It is TUV-listed for safety.

Control Panel and More for Optimal Conditions

This egg incubator is designed to provide the perfect environment for your eggs.

It is equipped with a digital command center thermostat with humidity control, allowing you to easily manage incubation temperature and moisture levels. The moisture pan with two wick pads can also help maintain the necessary humidity and water level for your eggs.

Comprehensive Egg Incubator Features for a Better Breeding Program

The three turning racks included in this egg incubator can be adjusted to the optimal angles for incubating and hatching eggs. This ensures even and thorough incubation for different types of eggs and egg sizes.

With separate incubation and hatching processes, you can organize your breeding program and keep your cabinet incubators clean. Three days before the scheduled hatch, move the egg trays into the 1550 Hatcher. You can also add a 1500 Hatcher (sold separately) that holds up to 6 egg racks, making the transition from incubation to hatching efficient.


  • 17.10 x 32.10 x 32.60 inches
  • 74.40 LBS