15 Dozen Egg Plastic Crate

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Safely store and transport up to 15 dozen large eggs with our durable, heavy-duty egg crates from Mann Lake. These egg crates are made with easy-to-grab handles and durable plastic for optimal protection for the eggs. 

Using Crates to Store 15 Dozen Eggs

Our durable, protective crates can fit up to 15 dozen eggs. They’re a must-have item for collecting, storing, and transporting small or large eggs. Whether you’re selling chicken or quail eggs, having sturdy crates to move them is crucial to avoid accidents or breakage.

Durable Egg Crate Features

Safely stack up to 15 dozen eggs for packaging, shipping, or transporting purposes. These crates are ideal for commercial and retail use to ensure your eggs arrive safe and sound. Whether in egg cartons or egg flats, you can be assured that your eggs will arrive safely at their destination.

Having sturdy egg crates is essential to your egg business if you’re selling eggs on-site, driving them to another retail location, or using them for commercial purposes. Moving up to 15 dozen eggs per crate makes it easy to improve your delivery schedule and move products faster and more efficiently. 


  • 14.40 x 14.50 x 15.40 inches
  • 4.30 LBS