Plastic Watering or Feeding Trough, 30 Inches

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These 30-inch plastic troughs are ideal solutions for your livestock’s feeding and hydration needs. Get peace of mind knowing your animals are getting the essential nutrition and water they need to survive and thrive.

Our troughs come in two per carton.

Versatile Feeding and Watering Solution

Made from durable plastic, these troughs can withstand harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures. This makes them a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Whether you have your livestock in cages, pens, or free-range spaces, you are sure they are getting continuous access to food and water. Pair our plastic troughs with galvanized stock tanks and automatic watering valves to take your poultry setup to the next level.

Efficient and Hygienic Design

Our plastic troughs are intelligently designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Their 2” depth and 3 ½” width are optimized to hold sufficient quantities of food or water, preventing overflow and conserving resources. There is also no need to check the troughs again and again for refills. This thoughtful design promotes a cleaner feeding and drinking area for your livestock.

The smooth plastic construction of these products also ensures easy emptying and cleaning, helping you make a more hygienic environment for your animals.


  • 4.50 x 7.40 x 31.00 inches
  • 2.00 LBS