40 lb Capacity Hanging Feeder

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Made of galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety, this chicken feeder can be used as a hanging feeder or stand-alone feeder. It’s adjustable to control the feed depth or feed size for chickens in various stages of life. m,

Benefits of a Hanging Feeder

This hanging feeder is designed for efficiency and quick feeding. Easily pour poultry feed into the open top of the feeder, and let your flock graze as they please from the base. Thanks to the rounded edges at the feeder’s base, your chickens won’t have to resort to scratching out the feed to eat.

Convenience of a Chicken Feeder

Chickens are notoriously messy birds, and you may spend a lot of time in the coop cleaning up their various messes. Save time and energy by installing a hanging feeder in your coop to make mealtime less chaotic. You can even place this chicken feeder on the ground in the coop if you prefer.

Feeder Measurements

Check the poultry feeder’s dimensions to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs. Lids are sold separately.

  • Height: 21 1/2"
  • Width: 17"
  • Trough Depth: 3"
  • Width: 3"


  • 14.90 inches
  • 33.20 LBS