Automatic Poultry Waterer

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The giant automatic poultry waterer is light if you want to change it, move it around, or hang it.

It includes a 30-inch hose (¾ inch diameter) that attaches to a standard garden hose for a continual flow of fresh water for your flock. An automatic float controls the water level, so there is no spilling or overflow. The oversize cover extends beyond the edge of the bowl to keep debris out of the water. An angled cover prevents roosting and is also designed for use with juvenile and adult birds (not intended for chicks).

Shopping for Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer

An automatic poultry waterer is an excellent tool for poultry farmers. Chickens must stay hydrated to grow. Therefore, water is essential and has to be available all the time. However, refilling the waterers is always time-consuming and impossible on a large scale, hence the need for automatic waterers.

Quality automatic chicken waterers must have several mechanisms in place, such as overflow prevention, dirt protection, and the ability to serve many chickens at once.

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  • 7.10 x 13.20 x 13.50 inches
  • 4.10 LBS