Automatic Poultry Waterer

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This giant automatic chicken waterer is a game-changer in poultry care. It meets the needs of poultry enthusiasts and simplifies the poultry care routine at the same time.

Easy Access to Fresh Water

Equipped with a 30-inch hose (¾ inch diameter), this automatic chicken waterer connects seamlessly with a standard garden hose. This setup ensures a continuous flow of clean water for your chickens and ducks.

Unlike many automatic chicken waterers, our product has an automatic float system. This controls the water level perfectly, preventing spills and overflows.

Intelligent Design

At the top of our automatic chicken waterer is a cover that extends beyond the edge of the bowl, keeping debris out of the water. It has a slightly angled design to prevent roosting.

Our automatic waterer is also incredibly lightweight. You can move it around, change its location, or even hang it up to suit your poultry setup. Its portability also makes it easy to take out and clean.

Grab an Automatic Chicken Waterer for Your Feathery Friends

Join countless poultry keepers who have transformed their poultry care routine with our automatic chicken waterers. These waters allow for multiple birds to drink at the same time, keeping your flock hydrated in the warmer months of the year. 

Reduce refilling time, maintain dirt-free water and help your chicks frow with an automatic chicken waterer from Mann Lake.


  • 7.10 x 13.20 x 13.50 inches
  • 4.10 LBS