Front Roll Out Nest Box

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This is a great roll out nest box with a new feature.  If you have a broody hen you can "convert" it to a regular nest box to accommodate your hen.

Comes with all the equipment of a roll out nest.

The new design of our galvanized metal nesting boxes allows you to easily convert each individual hole from the rollout feature to conventional whenever the need. It grants the ability to have any number of your nest compartments with the rollout feature preventing your eggs from getting dirty or soiled from your hens. Each nest box has its own individual metal flap for easy collection. Have a broody hen and do not want the roll out feature in one of your nest holes? No worries, remove the roll out nest bottom and install the conventional nest bottom then just securely close the flap with the latch. The plastic perch allows for easy sanitation. It flips up for egg collection and to close off the nest boxes at night if necessary. Rollout nest bottoms (PC209) and 12"x12" conventional nest bottoms (PC214) are included. Some assembly required. Click here to view assembly instructions.


  • 36.00 LBS