GQF Universal Box Brooder

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Use for almost any type of bird! Each side panel comes with adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick type and age to allow them access to three feed or watering troughs. Any trough can be converted with the auto watering kit. Thermometer and water thermostat are included and are accurate to one degree. Floor is ½” mesh which allows droppings to easily pass through. For quail chicks especially, it is recommended to use Universal Brooder Liners (PP680) paper on top of the wire mesh for the first 4-7 days. Drop pans are made of lightweight aluminum are easily removed for cleaning. Approximate capacity to 4th week: 100 quail, 50 chukar or pheasants or 100 poultry chicks to 2nd week. Overall dimensions 32” x 38” x 12” (9” headroom). 110-V. 250-W heater. Available as 220-V, call for pricing. Model 0534.


  • 44.30 LBS