Hen House Chicken Coop with Run (2-3 chickens)

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When shopping for the perfect wooden chicken coop for your feathered friends, look no further than the sturdy construction of Mann Lake’s hen house chicken coop with run. Your backyard chickens will have plenty of room in the chicken coop to enjoy themselves, and baby chicks are welcome too.

This wooden chicken coop is made of durable fir wood. The chicken run of this hen house allows your flock to roam during the day without wandering off. The waterproof roof on both the hen house and nesting box keeps your chickens dry, while the window allows for ventilation in the hen house. Our chicken coop with run comes with a pull-out cleaning tray for quick coop maintenance. Portable and easy to assemble.

This wooden chicken coop with run is a great addition to any outdoor area to keep your chickens safe. The nesting boxes make for a safe space to lay eggs, while the pull-out tray makes cleaning a breeze. An extra large chicken coop is a great way to raise chickens and collect eggs when you aren’t short on space, providing your chickens with plenty of space.


  • 80.00 LBS