Live Bird Shipping Cartons

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These boxes are specially designed box for transporting live adult birds. The "original'' bird shipping crate can hold up to 1 adult chicken, 2 pigeons, 6 canaries or finches, waterfowl, etc. This box includes a compartment and can hold up to 8 lb in total weight. The crate itself weights 1 lb, so it’s recommended not to exceed 7 lb of poultry when using this size.

The larger size shipping box is typically used for larger birds. Recommended not to exceed 10 lb. It also comes with dividers, allowing to easily separate multiple birds into one, two, or 4 compartments with ease.

Remember, your birds need to breathe while in transit. The heavy-duty corrugated cardboard boxes are designed with holes for proper air circulation.


  • 30.00 inches
  • 6.00 LBS
  • Original Box Dimensions: 18" x 20" tall x 8" wide
  • Large Box Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 16”
  • Fitted with filter covering to improve air circulation during transport