Pinning Knife

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Our pinning knife helps remove those stubborn pin feathers. Use this knife to scrape the pin feathers out of the bird. The handle is a textured, slip-resistant polypropylene. It is easy to clean, and the blade is marked as National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.

When raising birds of all kinds, high-quality equipment helps create efficient processes and ensures productivity. While it has a dull blade, a pinning knife serves a specific purpose by removing the small pin feathers of any bird you’re working with.

A pinning knife saves time and removes unwanted feathers when processing meat birds. This pinning knife features a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle that can be used in high and low temperatures. To use, simply hold any pesky feathers between the thumb and the blade to remove them from your poultry.

This tool is ideal for processing birds, managing trimming and cleanup, and removing any new feathers that grow in excess on your birds. A pinning knife allows you to work longer and handle more birds than you would be able to without the knife.


  • 0.70 x 1.30 x 6.70 inches
  • 0.10 LBS
  • Blade is 2.5" long
  • Made of High-Carbon steel
  • NSF Certified