ADM Game Bird Starter - 50 lb bag

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The ADM Game Bird Starter is specifically formulated to fulfill the dietary needs of your young game bird. With this starter feed, you can make sure your young ducks, geese, pheasants, turkeys, waterfowl, and other upland game birds get essential nutrients in the first six weeks of their lives.

Game Bird Feed with Essential Nutrients

The ADM Game Bird Starter features CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that optimizes your game bird’s gut function and body defense response. Direct-fed microbials are also included to promote a healthy balance of microorganisms in the gut.

To further boost your game bird’s immune system, this starter feed is packed with Vitamin E. Part of the Vitamin E is natural, letting your game bird absorb it more efficiently.

Specialized Ingredients for Optimal Health

The ADM Game Bird Starter is equipped with DaaFit® S, a unique blend of lauric acid, glycerol monolaurate, and myristic acid. These medium-chain fatty acids can impact a wide range of microbes, promoting better health and resilience in your young flock.

This game bird starter feed is also packed with complexed zinc, which is more readily absorbed compared to inorganic zinc sources. With the phytase content of this starter feed, you can also reduce the amount of supplemental phosphorus you need for your game birds.

These specialized ingredients ensure your game birds don't just survive but also thrive. Feel the difference with the ADM Game Bird Starter.


  • 6.10 x 18.20 x 28.70 inches
  • 50.10 LBS