Electric Fence Reel

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At Mann Lake Bee & Ag, we recognize your need for top-of-the-line products for your business, so we provide tools such as our easy-to-use wire reel to run your enterprise.

Running a poultry farm requires using quality reels to protect your birds from predators. This lightweight reel is portable and designed for easy installation and winding of electric fence wire, tape, twine, or rope.

Protecting Your Poultry

Install portable fences with ease by using our electric fence reel. Have extra spools or reels for your fencing needs without lugging an entire tractor to carry each spool.

Instead of using a tractor-mounted wire fence reel, its mechanism is manually powered with a hand drill to save energy. Although the amount of wire and spools it can hold is shorter than that of more heavy-duty reels, its portability allows you to adjust your fencing to restructure grazing areas easily. 

Electric Fence Reel Features

Our electric fence reel has the following features:

  • Strong and durable, yet light and easy to use
  • Can hold twine, wire, rope, or tape
  • Made with a positive locking ratchet mechanism
  • UV stable
  • Can easily be hooked to a fence
  • Has a reversible hub
  • Frame made from galvanized steel, geared reel

Besides using our fencing tool for collecting spools and setting grazing boundaries, you can also combine it with our other products. Pair your purchase of our electric fence reel with our fence testers, poly-wire electric fencing, and step-in fence posts.


  • 11.30 x 13.00 x 13.80 inches
  • 4.80 LBS