2" Heavy Duty Knotted Netting

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This high quality heavy duty game bird netting is just what you need to contain your game birds. The 2" mesh is perfect for pheasants and larger birds. The heavy duty netting is capable of withstanding 85 pounds. It is made with UV resistant polyethylene which is made to last 7-10 years in the field. The knotted netting is known for not getting caught in peepers and pins if you are protecting your birds from cannibalism or pecking. This heavy duty netting is perfect for areas that receive snow. However, it is recommended that if your netting is up during any snow you immediately "beat" the snow from the net. This style of netting can also be used in any poultry area where you may want to protect your birds from aggressive birds of prey. When your chickens matter to you and you can't keep the birds out of the chicken run this product will be sure to protect them. Use the rings and ring clincher to install or simply use the zip ties.

2" Mesh Netting Guide
Size Part #
25' x 50' PC523
25' x 100' PC524
50' x 50' PC526
50' x 100' PC527
50' x 150' PC530
100' x 100' PC529
100' x 150' PC528


  • 12.70 inches
  • 160.10 LBS
  • Netting is non-returnable once taken out of the original packaging