Turtle Trap

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Efficient Turtle Trap Design

Our turtle trap measures 32" x 18" x 9", making it ideal for capturing both smaller turtles and those up to 36 pounds. The design of our turtle traps ensures humane and effective trapping, crucial for maintaining the natural order of your pond, stream, or lake. By placing the trap at the pond's edge, you can effectively catch turtles that are causing issues.

Innovative Bait Box Feature

Our turtle trap comes equipped with a bait box to increase catch frequency. This feature lures turtles from the pond into the trap, ensuring a higher success rate. The bait box is easy to use and significantly enhances the trap's effectiveness in catching turtles.

Ideal for Smaller Ponds

Our turtle trap is especially suitable for smaller ponds, where turtle populations can have a more pronounced impact. Its size and efficiency make it a practical solution for pond owners facing turtle-related challenges.


  • 2.40 x 30.40 x 35.40 inches
  • 10.20 LBS