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Amiflex is a revolutionary varroa mite treatment based on amitraz, developed specifically for commercial beekeepers. Developed and manufactured by Véto-pharma, a trusted name in honey bee health solutions, Amiflex offers an innovative and effective approach to managing varroa mite infestations. With its unique gel formulation and contact delivery system, Amiflex delivers rapid knock-down effects, reducing varroa mite populations before, between, or after honey flows, or right before slow-release treatment. Amiflex is the first registered amitraz “flash” treatment in the USA without temperature constraints.

Why Choose Amiflex?

FLEXIBILITY FOR TREATING BETWEEN HONEY FLOWS: Amiflex provides a short 7-day treatment period, allowing for application before, between, or right after honey flows. It’s important to note that supers should not be set up during treatment, and honey bee colonies should be active (not wintering) to ensure contact with the gel

NO TEMPERATURE CONSTRAINTS DURING APPLICATION! This is a game changer, considering the potentially high ambient temperatures when treating between honey flows. With Amiflex, there’s no need to worry about side effects on your colonies when treating at high temperatures.

NO PREPARATION REQUIRED: With Amiflex, beekeepers are not directly exposed to amitraz. The treatment comes in a convenient gel formulation that is ready to use. The specially designed dosing applicator ensures the delivery of the correct dosage, eliminating the risk of overdosing or underusing the product - as long as the label instructions are followed diligently. This user-friendly approach guarantees a hassle-free application process, providing peace of mind for beekeepers.

KNOCK-DOWN EFFECT: Amiflex has undergone extensive testing, demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing varroa mite infestations in bee colonies, with efficacy rates of up to 99% in brood-free colonies. It can also be used in colonies with brood, with efficacy around 60% for a single 7-day application, to more than 80% with two consecutive 7-day applications (with a 7-day break in between).

EASY APPLICATION: Amiflex includes a specially designed dosing applicator, ensuring precise and consistent dosing for each treatment. Applying Amiflex is quick and hassle-free; simply pull the trigger to dispense the perfect dosage of 3ml!

  • STARTER PACK: Includes one dosing applicator , 10 cartridges (each containing 120ml) and 400 wooden supports
  • REFILL PACK: Includes 10 cartridges (each containing 120ml) and 400 wooden strips

APPROVED AND LEGAL: Amiflex is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and meets all safety and efficacy standards. It is currenlty a restricted use pesticide and can only be purchased by certified applicators, licensed by their state.

***A current applicator’s license must be on file prior to shipping. Licenses can be emailed to beekeeper@mannlakeltd.com.


  • SINGLE BROOD BOX HIVES: (2 doses of 3ml of gel) One pack will treat up to 200 colonies (20 colonies per cartridge).
  • DOUBLE BROOD BOX HIVES:(4 doses of 3ml of gel) One pack will treat up to 100 colonies (10 colonies per cartridge).


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  • 7.00 LBS