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  • dc-097 Fumidil-B® - 25 g

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    Fumidil-B® is the only known registered treatment for nosema! Feed in sugar syrup during the spring and fall to keep your spore counts low.

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  • Only known U.S. F.D.A. registered treatment for nosema
  • By treating for nosema, studies show up to 45% higher honey yields
  • Nosema shortens a bee’s lifespan, treating with Fumidil-B can prevent this
  • Promotes healthy bee packages, which makes for future thriving, productive bee colonies
  • Helps control nosema infection rate in winterized colonies

The only known U.S. F.D.A. registered treatment for nosema is Fumidil-B (Fumagillin), a medicated powder than can be mixed with sugar syrup in the spring in fall. Fumidil-B keeps spore counts low and raises healthiness in your bees. According to a study conducted by the USDA, bees treated for nosema with Fumidil-B generally have higher honey yields than those left untreated. Bees infected with nosema will have shortened lives. Treating with Fumidil-B can prevent shortened lifespans and promote noticeably more productive bees! (Mueller, F.E 1978)

Nosema is a fungal disease commonly found in honey bees. Honey bees unknowingly consume nosema causing spores whether from contaminated honeycomb or by interactions with other bees. Once the bee has consumed these spores, they begin to germinate in the bee’s mid-gut. Eventually this leaves the bee with nutrient loss and cell damage. The weakened bee is then more susceptible to disease and is also less productive. One nosema spore can multiply into several million spores within one worker bee. These spores pass through the honey bee’s system which can further contaminate the hive and neighboring colonies.

Fumidil-B® - 25 g
Fumidil-B® - 25 g