Pro-Sweet Liquid Feed

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Get the best liquid bee food for your bees!

Unlike sugar water, Pro-Sweet™ is a sugar syrup with binomial (bees treat these like natural nectar) and monomial sugars (bees treat these like honey), so it not only stimulates the bees but also helps add weight to the hive. 

Pro-Sweet’s™ high sugar content and low pH prevent fermentation and inhibit bacterial growth, providing more benefits than simply feeding sugar water to your bees.


Improving Your Hive’s Honey Supply

Different bee hives have different issues—some require support rearing brood, while others need supplemental honey stores for upcoming seasons.

When colonies don’t have any stored honey or incoming nectar, feeding bees sugar water or sugar syrup, like Pro-Sweet™, is the most effective way to avoid losing a substantial amount of the colony. 


Using Pro-Sweet Sugar Syrup

Pro-Sweet™ bee syrup is best used during nectar dearths, or when sources of nectar are scarce during as colder times of the year. Beekeepers can simply pour the sugar syrup into the bee feeders and let the hives do the rest. Feeding honey bees has never been easier!

Pro-Sweet™ won't crystallize or ferment, which often happens when feeding bee sugar water to the hive. Plus, there is no more going through the checkout line with a cart full of sugar or making a mess of your kitchen.


  • 12.00 LBS


  • 5

    Great Feed

    by tester test on Jun 28, 2022

    Great Product

  • 5

    happy bees

    by James Pearson on May 05, 2022

    Easy to use

  • 5

    Bee food

    by Steve Anderson on Apr 22, 2022

    Bees love it

  • 5

    Pro Sweet liquid feed

    by Tim Kutschera on Apr 22, 2022

    this product is the only (liquid) feed my Bees will consume, I've tried other liquid and dry mix feeds the Bees don't seem to like it. When given Pro Sweet liquid feed the colony comes to life hive activity and colony numbers increase, the Bees take flight earlier and will even venture out of the hive on colder days. Go figure the Bees have me sold on using this product for them