10 Frame Moving Screen

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Protect your hive while moving and from other pests by installing moving screens on any 10 frame equipment. Beekeepers are advised to help the colony protect its stores from robbers, and a moving screen will do just that.

This moving screen is easily installed and very effective. Simply strap the screen to the hive so the screen covers the hive entrance. Designed to be placed in the hive whenever a move is required, the bees find their way in but not back out. This screen promotes ventilation and airflow, keeping bees comfortable through any season.

We recommend installing the moving screen when your bees are already in the hive, typically in the morning or later evening, so they do not get stuck outside the hive and can adjust to using the new entrance.

Moving screens are a practical addition to any bee yard and will give you peace of mind that your hive and its stores are safe and sound during any season while protecting them from any pests that find their way inside the colony.

Ships assembled. Strap not included. Compatible with 10 frame equipment only.


  • 2.80 x 7.80 x 16.80 inches
  • 1.10 LBS