10 Frame Moving/Robbing Screen

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The most effective method to prevent colony loss is to protect the hives from invaders who steal honey, nectar, or syrup. To do this, it is recommended to install a robber screen that can also prevent drifting bees, the primary carriers of mites, from entering the hives. This will help ensure the safety of the house bees.

Having a robber screen is essential for all beehives. Not only does it provide protection, but it also helps weaker colonies defend themselves, as the robbing bees are prevented from entering, reducing the need for frequent fights.

What Is a 10-Frame Moving/Robbery Screen? 

Adding a moving or robbing screen to your bee yard is a highly effective solution for protecting your hives. This type of screen can be fully closed during times of relocation to prevent any robbing or partially closed to minimize the impact of robbing. It is a preferred solution over traditional entrance reducers as it allows for consistent airflow, which is important for the health and well-being of the bees.

Please note that the 10-frame moving and robbing screen is shipped fully assembled but without the strap and is compatible only with 10-frame equipment.

You have the option to purchase these screens in bulk, making it an economical solution.


  • 1.90 x 6.50 x 16.80 inches
  • 0.80 LBS