40 lb Wood Pellet Smoker Fuel

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Power your smoker with wood pellets to ensure longer trips to the bee yard are more productive. These pellets fuel your smoker, masking the odor bees emit when feeling threatened. 

Benefits of Using Wood Pellets

Smoke calms bees, so it's important to use fuel in your smoker that is not chemically treated in any way. Harsh chemicals or smells will irritate the bees and can cause erratic behavior. 

Experienced beekeepers often choose to work with smoker fuel pellets because they have a tendency to burn clean, and a little goes a long way! Once the heating has begun, the pellets burn for a long time, allowing you to finish all your work in the bee yard without having to refill. 

Shopping Online with Mann Lake 

Our compressed pellets burn super clean and will keep your smoker burning longer to maximize the beekeeper’s productivity. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, it’s a must-have item for any bee yard.


  • 6.70 x 18.20 x 26.40 inches
  • 39.90 LBS
  • Does not qualify for free shipping