Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach

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Oxalic acid wood bleach removes black water spots and tannin stains. Use on unfinished or stripped wood.

When refinishing wood surfaces to remove iron stains, oxalic acid is ideal for its wood bleaching capabilities. Oxalic acid is a natural compound found in various vegetables. Whether dealing with prolonged water exposure, stains or rings from metal, or any other wood-damaging properties, using an oxalic acid solution is a simple, effective way to improve the look of wood.

If you are trying to bleach wood, oxalic acid will not fully discolor the wood; its main function is to remove iron stains, and it does so very well! Bleaching wood takes other chemicals to be effective, while oxalic acid is more of a cleaner and stain remover.

To apply, simply dissolve oxalic acid in hot water and spread it with a brush on the stained areas. Let it dry, and reapply until the stain has faded completely.

Wear goggles, gloves, and other protective gear when mixing oxalic acid and applying it to any wood surface. It’s a fairly strong acid and may cause damage to the skin or eyes.

Notice: Cannot ship to HI or AK. Wood bleach cannot be shipped by USPS or by air.


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