ProVap 110 Sideliner / Commercial Oxalic Vaporizer

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Finally, a fast commercial vaporizer at a great price! 

Treat your hives in as little as 20 seconds per hive without a wand—just point and shoot! No need for a compressor or battery; simply plug the ProVap 110 Sideliner commercial vaporizer into an inverter, generator, or regular outlet. 

This oxalic acid vaporizer has a 110-volt power source, 330 watts, and 3.3 amps. Oxalic acid vaporization kills more than 95% of Varroa mites in the hive, ensuring your honey bees thrive. The beauty of using an oxalic acid vaporizer is that there is no need to open the hive to treat and no strips or pads to install and remove. Simple, easy, and effective. 


How to Use the ProVap 110 Sideliner Commercial Vaporizer

Position the vaporizer at the back of the hive or the front entrance. Drill a small hole to fit the vaporizer stem so it’s easier for the organic acids to spread throughout the hive.

Once the vaporizer is connected to a power source, give it time to reach the appropriate temperature setting then place the appropriate amount of oxalic acid in the lid. Follow the instructions in the package carefully. It’s highly advisable to use personal protective equipment before use, such as a safety respirator with replaceable filters, eye protection and heat-resistant gloves.


  • 4.30 x 10.30 x 13.20 inches
  • 3.50 LBS