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Formic Pro™ the next generation in formic acid treatments and is used to treat hives with varroosis, caused by varroa destructor in honey bees. Unlike Mite Away Quick Strips, Formic Pro™ has a longer shelf life of 24 months and no temperature requirements for storage. Daytime temperatures still must be between 50° F - 84° F (10° C- 29° C) when used.

Strips are laid across the tops of the brood frames. Safe to use during the honey flow! A spacer rim is no longer needed for these strips, but you still need to wear the recommended safety equipment for acid.

There are two treatment options:

  • Option One: 2 strips for 14 days.
  • Option Two: 1st strip for 10 days remove and replace with 2nd strip for an additional 10 days.

Store pail indoors in original container out of direct sunlight.

2 treatments (4 strips) per pack. Store pail indoors in original container out of direct sunlight.

Note: If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the expiration date of our current inventory.


  • 1.66 LBS


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    Formic Pro

    by Bill on Apr 20th 2022

    Product is great. 5 stars. But ML sent 6 month exp vs the advertised 24 month. Paying shipping to return, I'd lose, so I'll accept my loss. ML said i need to tell them I want long date.

  • 5

    Formic Pro

    by Bill Riecker on Mar 8th 2022

    Easy to follow instructions, great when larva are under the cap.