Terra-Pro Medicated Terramycin Treatment

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Terra-Pro is a medicated feed mix that contains Terramycin, Bee-Pro, sucrose, and other vitamins and minerals to prevent the spread of bacterial diseases in honey bee colonies. It is recommended as an aid in the control of American and European foulbrood for honey bees.

American foulbrood (AFB) attacks honey bee larvae and can affect most of the brood, eventually weakening and wiping out an entire colony. This makes disease control vital to the survival of any hive.

Medication Periods and Application

  • Terra-Pro should be fed early in the spring and fall to a bee colony and should be consumed by the bees before the main honey flow begins.
  • For spring treatment, use 2 level tablespoons (approx. 200 mgs of Oxytetracycline) of Terra-Pro mix around the edges and ends of brood frames and top bars of the brood chamber.
  • Fall treatment consists of 2 level tablespoons of Terra-Pro around the hole of the inner cover of the hive. Three applications at 4-5 day intervals in spring and fall are needed.

Product comes with a convenient measuring scoop.

3 applications = 1 treatment; and each hive gets 1 treatment.
Below are how many applications and treatments each size will accomodate:

DC550 (1lb)
16 applications = 5 treatments (.5 oz scoop included)

DC560 (10lb)
160 applications = 53 treatments (.5oz scoop included)

NOTE: Federal law restricts medicated feed containing this antibiotic. A veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian must be on file prior to shipping this item. Please note: a VFD is different from a prescription. We cannot accept a prescription. You may submit this completed form via email to vfd@mannlakeltd.com or fax to 218-675-6156.


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