Terramycin 100MR, 50 lb. Bag

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This highly concentrated Terramycin™ is used to treat and prevent American and European foulbrood in honey bees. Terramycin uses dextrose as a carrier.

Mann Lake is committed to providing beekeepers with antibiotics and treatment methods to ensure a healthy, productive hive. Terramycin is the only antibiotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of European and American foulbrood in honey bees. Foulbrood often emits a sour smell in the hive, often making it clear to beekeepers what’s infecting the hive’s larvae.

Applying Terramycin to a Bee Colony

Most beekeepers use this product biannually (twice a year) in the spring and fall. Be sure to withdraw the treatment of terramycin at least six weeks before the honey flow begins to ensure there are no chemical residuals in the honey.

Using Terramycin in the Hive

When mixed with sugar, one 50 lb. bag of TM100MR will treat 8,000 colonies with 3 - 1 oz. dustings of the mixture in the spring or 5,333 colonies with 3 - 1.5 oz. dustings of the mixture in the fall. Mix 1 lb. TM100MR to 29 pounds of sugar. Please read the label and follow the instructions before treating your colony with Terramycin.


  • 7.60 x 16.20 x 21.10 inches
  • 50.90 LBS
  • This product can only be shipped within the United States.