Terra-Patties Terramycin Extender Patty Mix, 45 lb

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Terra-Patties are a medicated feed which contains Terramycin, Bee-Pro, sucrose and other vitamins and minerals. It is recommended as an aid in the treatment of American and European Foulbrood.

Feeding Directions:
Each patty should be 4 oz, flatten the patty and place it on the top bars of a single brood chamber or between brood chambers. Place directly over the cluster. May be used in early spring before the honey flow or in the fall after the honey flow. Remove at least 6 weeks prior to the honey flow.

NOTE: Federal law restricts medicated feed containing this antibiotic. A veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian must be on file prior to shipping this item. Please note: a VFD is different from a prescription. We cannot accept a prescription. You may submit this completed form via email to vfd@mannlakeltd.com or fax to 218-675-6156.


  • 11.90 x 12.10 x 17.20 inches
  • 48.50 LBS
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