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After harvesting honey, the wax cappings and comb can be rendered for candle making. Candles are very popular, and beeswax candles should fetch a premium at your local honey or craft fair, or even if you sell them online. If you're worried about the time commitment, keep in mind that beeswax is a high-quality byproduct that may be sold for art supplies to be used in encaustic art as well as utilized to make lovely candles, furniture polish, and beauty products.

Beeswax Candle-Making

You can make beautiful candles from beeswax with the right beeswax candle-making supplies. At Mann Lake Bee and Ag Supply, we have everything you need to build your own beeswax candle-making kit. You will adore our simple-to-use Candle Molds whether you are an expert candle maker or are just getting started. Our sturdy, adaptable molds will produce stunning candles and ornaments repeatedly over the course of hundreds of pourings.

Candle molds last for hundreds of candle pours, even more, if you are gentle with them. Using this type of mold is the easiest way to ensure success.These molds are very popular with beekeepers! Molds are made from a durable rubber material that will give you finely detailed candles every time. Candles release quickly and easily!

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Make Your Own Beeswax Candle

Here are the things you need for a beeswax candle-making kit to create your own candles:

  • Wicks
  • Beeswax
  • Colored Chips
  • Wax Melters
  • Powders
  • Mold Release
  • Molding material

There are candle molds to make different shapes and patterns you desire. You can choose from exotic molds, cylinder molds, taper molds, hexagon molds, pine cone molds, tealight molds, and more.

Your Best Candle-Making Partner

At Mann Lake Bee and Ag Supply, we pride ourselves on providing all solutions related to beekeeping—suits, jackets, veils, aprons, and even sting relief—and bee products. You can find everything you need for your beeswax candle-making kit in our collection of wicks, wax, powders, molds, colored chips, and more.

Benefits of Making Candles Instead of Buying

Making candles may be a very pleasant and rewarding endeavor. Candles are practical and flexible home décor items that are nice to have on hand for a number of events. They are also helpful tools in the event of an electrical blackout. Once you master the process, manufacturing candles may be engaging and entertaining, and there are numerous advantages to doing so.

1. Save Money & Make Money

An excellent approach to saving money is to make your own candles. You may save money on gifts for friends and family in addition to not having to buy your own candles. You may spend less on the basic materials you need for this project by purchasing supplies in bulk.

Making your own candles allows you to earn money in addition to saving money. You may increase your income while doing what you love by starting a candle company from home. If a business sounds too hard and large, you might start by setting up a candle booth at fairs and neighborhood gatherings.

2. Candle Making As Therapy & Enjoyment

Hobbies help calm the mind. Candle-making can be therapeutic and can help you to wash away your stress easily. You will have a lot of fun.The best way to get the most important reason is upfront. Making candles is a great way to have fun and reduce stress in the modern world.

3. Candles Make Fantastic Gifts

You'll never be short of gift ideas again. There is nothing better than a gift with a personal touch!

Candle Mold Guide

Wax Rendering Process

Rendering beeswax is very simple process that follows 3 basic steps:

  1. Melting the Wax
  2. Straining Wax To Remove Impurities
  3. Letting the Wax Harden

Melting Beeswax For Use

  • 1.Immersion

Put the wax in a fresh piece of muslin and wrap it up tightly. Put the bag into a pan of water and slowly heat it—do not let the wax come to a boil. Because wax is lighter than water, it will melt through the muslin and rise to the top. Take out the muslin "bag" and throw it away along with any debris it contains. When the wax has cooled, it will solidify into a block that can be lifted from the pan's top. Any more dirt in the wax may then be removed.

  • 2.Bain-marie

Alternatively, you may melt the wax by setting a heat-resistant dish over a large pan of boiling water. Pour the melted wax over a piece of muslin into a clean container and repeat the process as required to further filter your wax to eliminate particles.

  • 3.Solar Extractor

An insulated or metal box with a glass panel through which sunlight penetrates makes up a solar extractor. You may create your own.

Candle Mold Guide

 DIY Candles, Mann Lake Ltd

Whether you are a professional candle maker or just trying it for the first time, you will love our easy-to-use Candle Flex® Molds. Our durable, flexible molds will last for hundreds of pourings, giving you beautiful candles and ornaments time after time.

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