DIY Unassembled Beginner Beekeeping Starter Kit


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Our DIY Unassembled Beginner Beekeeping Starter Kits are perfect for those who enjoy building their own hives. Our hive components are made with the finest wood and every box is stapled for added strength and stability.

  • 1 9⅝” (24.45 cm) Unassembled 10 Frame Hive Body
  • 1 Assembled Telescoping Cover with Notched Inner Cover
  • Assembled Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer
  • 10 9⅛” (23.18 cm) Unassembled Groove Top/Groove Bottom Frames
  • 10 8½” (28.59 cm) Natural Color Waxed Rite-Cell® Foundation
  • 7D & 1¼” Nails for assembly
  • Foundation color may vary
  • 4" x 7" Economy Stainless Steel Smoker with Shield
  • 9 1/2" Blue Hive Tool
  • 9 1/8" Pro Feeder - 2" Wide (Holds 1 Gallon) Cap and Ladder
  • 1/2 pound smoker fuel
  • Ultra Bee Single Patty (1 lb)


  • 40.30 LBS


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    Had issues

    by Brant Heely on Feb 14, 2024

    Great grouping of essential beekeeping items. The problem I had is the deep hive box was a mess. Not square, notches didn’t even come close to lining up. Even after some work with a wood rasp, it just wasn’t right. Seems to be a common problem with Manns hive boxes. Call Mann, they shipped out a new hive box right away. Went together smoothly. Mann was good about solving the problem. I really don’t like wasting my time though.