10" Colonial Taper Candle Mold


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Level up the candle selection in your shop or storefront with Mann Lake’s 10” taper candle mold! Whether you’re a professional candlemaker or brand new to candle-making, you will love our easy-to-use Candle Flex® Candle Molds. 

As you likely know, you are at the mercy of the mold during candle-making. Getting the wick in the right place can be tricky, and one mishap can ruin the entire product. Luckily, these Candle Flex® Molds are made from a durable rubber material that will give you well-defined candles every time.

Using the Colonial Taper Candle Molds

The candles release from the mold quickly and easily, making a gorgeous colonial-style candle every time. Simply place the wick, pour the wax into the mold, let it cool, and enjoy your beautiful new candle! Ideal for display in stores, homes, or to sell in your shop.

Benefits of Using a Taper Candle Mold

This taper candle mold is extremely easy to use, and you’ll get hundreds of pours from each mold. Our colonial taper candle mold is made from a flexible rubber, ensuring a seamless and clean removal every time. 

Taper Candle Mold Features

  • Uses 2/0 wicking
  • Finished size: ¾" x 10"
    (1.91 cm x 25.40 cm)
  • Requires 2.7 oz (76.54g) wax to make each candle


  • 2.10 x 2.20 x 12.00 inches
  • 1.20 LBS
  • Polyurethane based material should never come in direct contact with heat
  • Not to be used for baking


  • 5

    Really nice colonial candle mold

    by Susan Welch on Oct 13, 2023

    This mold is sturdy and easy to separate from finished candle.