Textured Pillar Candle Mold

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Whether you’re a professional candlemaker or just trying it for the first time, you will love our easy-to-use Candle Flex® Molds. Candle Flex® Molds are made from durable rubber that will give you finely detailed candles every time. Candles release quickly and easily!

Featuring a unique square pattern, our pillar candle molds are simple to use and offer unmatched quality. Create beautiful candles to sell or decorate your own home with the charming pillar candle molds from Mann Lake.

To create candle molds, oil your mold with a spray to prevent any sticking and messes when you remove the candle. Then, set the wick in the middle of the mold and hold it in place with a wire. Melt your wax, pour it into the candle molds, and let it set and dry. Once it’s dry, gently remove the candle from the mold, trim the wick, and you’re done!

Our molds:

  • Use 2/0 wicking
  • Finished size: 1¾ x 5½ inches
  • 4.45 cm x 13.97 cm
  • Require 8.0 oz (226 g) wax to make candle


  • 3.20 x 3.30 x 5.90 inches
  • 1.10 LBS
  • Polyurethane based material should never come in direct contact with heat
  • Not to be used for baking