Honey Sticks - 100 pack

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Name a better healthy snack than flavored honey sticks—we’ll wait!

Honey sticks are a great choice for a healthy and delicious snack! Melt a honey stick into any hot or cold drink and enjoy the sweet, natural taste. Each stick is great for sweetening tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. It even tastes delicious in warm water to soothe any sore throats.

For business use or for your personal stash, honey sticks are great to have on hand in your own kitchen, to sell on your storefront or farm stand, or to ship to customers all over the world. For customers at your storefront, honey sticks are a low-cost treat that won’t break the bank.

Each stick holds between 5–7 grams of honey and is perfect for busy mornings and relaxing nights. Our honey sticks come in a pack of 100, perfect for filling your aesthetic bee or hive containers, with enough spares to bring on the go!

Note: Our honey sticks are made from 100% pure honey and may crystallize. Honey sticks may arrive crystallized. To liquefy, simply place the sticks in a container of warm water.


  • 1.90 x 4.00 x 6.50 inches
  • 1.30 LBS


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    Honey Sticks

    by Vicki Roberts on Apr 05, 2022

    I did an educational display at a library event on bees and I ordered honey sticks. They came quick and they were individually wrapped. I had cards with questions and when the kids answered they earned one.