Honey Stick Machine Kit

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Fill honey straws quickly and easily with our new honey stick machine kit! With this, you can efficiently package your honey and sell it, saving you time and effort. Designed for convenience, the honey stick machine is easy to use and comes equipped with all the necessary items and accessories to begin filling sticks for sale or personal stockpiling.

Investment Benefits

Investing in this machine will pay off in no time as you can train employees and family members to use it. This not only makes your business operations more efficient but also opens up an additional source of income for your bees.

Incorporating this machine into your operations can also significantly elevate the marketability of your honey. This can appeal to a wider range of customers looking for convenient, natural sweeteners.

Versatile Honey Sticks

Honey sticks are popular for beverages like tea or coffee or simply enjoyed on their own. Whether you’re just starting to sell your hive’s honey or you’ve been at it for years, a honey stick machine will improve your productivity and is worth every penny.

Kit Contents

The honey stick machine comes complete with the following:

  • One-gallon pail with lid and fitting
  • 16" heat sealer (110v)
  • Manifold
  • One hose and clamp kit
  • Bracket and hardware
  • 500 clear jumbo straws

Please note that some assembly is required, and tools are not included in the kit.


  • 10.50 x 16.80 x 22.50 inches
  • 19.60 LBS