Red Crown High Test Lye - 2 lbs

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This high-test lye is great for making bar soap and can be used as a cleaning solution to remove paint from wood, metal, or glass. The product contains 98.5% sodium hydroxide, 0.5% sodium carbonate, and 1% inert ingredients. For many years, this prize-winning hard soap solution has been a trusted product in household cleaning, maintenance, and handmade goods.

Effective Soap Making Solution

Red Crown Lye is a go-to ingredient in soap-making. Starting a soap business? Red Crown will help establish you as a do-it-yourself genius! Create natural, homemade soaps to sell or give as gifts with lye.

Use as a Cleaning Agent

Red Crown Lye is your new best friend for greasy ovens and clogged drains. Sodium hydroxide is often used for cleaning because of its corrosive qualities. It can easily cut through clogs, hair, and other gunk for the most effective drain cleaner money can buy.

Multi-Purpose Red Crown Lye

Designed for making bar soap and various cleaning tasks, Red Crown Lye is a must-have item in your home or business. It comes in a sturdy plastic container with a child-resistant cap, giving you peace of mind if you keep it in your family’s home, garage, or shed.


  • 3.80 x 3.90 x 6.90 inches
  • 2.20 LBS