Wine & Mead Making Kit

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Mead is fermented honey. Some water can be added to fermented homemade mead or even other ingredients, like grains, fruits, or spices. Mead tastes like a medium-sweet wine, but the flavor can vary with the ingredients used. The alcoholic content of the fermented drink ranges between 6 and 20 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

Mead-Making Kits

Our wine and mead kit has all the mead-making equipment to get started in the fastest-growing hobby in the States. Making mead and wine becomes easier with all the necessary tools and containers.

Kit Inclusions

  • 7.9 gallons (29.91 liters) primary fermenter
  • Lid with grommet
  • 6-gallon (22.71 liters) glass carboy
  • Carboy bung
  • Siphon hose with shut-off clamp
  • Triple-scale hydrometer
  • Winemaker’s recipe handbook
  • Double lever corker
  • Econolock
  • Bucket clip
  • Racking cane
  • Bottle filler
  • Bottle brush
  • 30 corks (8 ⅞ inches by 1 ¾ inches: 2.22 centimeters by 4.45 centimeters)
  • Easy-clean cleanser

Our mead equipment gets you from start to finish with all the hardware for primary fermentation, secondary fermentation, racking, bottling, and cleaning! Bottles and nutrients are sold separately.

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Order your mead-making kit from Mann Lake Bee and AG Supplies. We’ve selected the best mead recipes for you.


  • 14.80 x 14.90 x 23.30 inches
  • 24.10 LBS