1 lb (454 g) Creamed Honey Tubs - 1000 pack

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Try our pre-printed Creamed Honey Tub! These containers are attractive and easy to fill. The back panel says "Smooth & Creamy! Creamed Honey is an all natural wholesome alternative to other spreads. Store at room temperature. If necessary, warm to soften, cool to harden.

Note: Plastic containers are not dishwasher safe. Does not qualify for free shipping.

Note: Lids sold seperately

Need lids? See our Creamed Honey Tub Lids - 1000 pack.

By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume. All sizes shown are honey weight which is not equivalent to liquid volume. For example, a 12 oz container will hold 12 oz of honey but only 8 oz of water.


  • 15.30 x 18.70 x 19.60 inches
  • 26.30 LBS