Honey Bear 1 1/2 lb (680.38 g) with Yellow Screw Cap, 24 pack


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Let the natural beauty of your honey shine through these crystal clear PETE Squeeze Bears. The flat oval panel makes labeling a breeze! Precision machined openings ensure the safety seals in our caps have adequate adhesion. You can choose a label to finish your packaging.

Holds 1 1/2 lbs (680 g/ 1 pint) of honey.

By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume. All sizes shown are honey weight which is not equivalent to liquid volume. Example, a 12 oz container will hold 12 oz of honey but only 8 oz of water.


  • Find labels for 1 1/2 lb bottles here: Z284


  • 8.00 x 12.60 x 17.00 inches
  • 3.10 LBS
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    These bears are great for sales. Enough quantity to satisfy the customer.

    by Frank Toussaint on Oct 24, 2023

    This product used to be CN840. The box they came in in was perfect to store the filled jars in. CN841 comes in various sized boxes. These recent boxes were much smaller and would not close properly when the bears were filled and the lids screwed on.