18/9 Frame Hand Crank Radial Extractor


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Radial extractors are used to harvest liquid honey from frames, and this 18/9 Frame Radial Extractor is designed to meet the needs of either a professional or hobby beekeeper. 

Constructed from durable stainless steel, this 9-frame honey extractor ensures longevity. A notch above standard radial extractors, this allows you to save time during the honey extracting and cleaning process.

The 18-shallow, 18-medium, or 9-deep frame radial extractor capacity makes it versatile. With its stainless steel material and radial design, it’s efficient at spinning even deep frames. 

Using centrifugal force, this extractor draws out honey from both sides of the frame simultaneously. The clear lids allow you to closely observe the extracting process, and the hand crank allows you to control the speed.

With key features like its robust legs, the 9 frame radial extractor model supports speed, provides stability, and reduces vibrations during the extraction process. An integrated honey gate facilitates immediate honey filtration, streamlining the process from extractor to bottle.

The honey extractor’s hand crank model can be upgraded to a motorized radial extractor unit with an additional motor and conversion kit, offering further flexibility. 

Perfect for small to medium-scale operations, this 9 frame radial extractor is functional and easy to use, ensuring a good honey extraction process for hobbyists and entrepreneurs.


  • Height On Legs: 39" Tall. 
  • Outside Dimensions: 24¼" High x 25 ¼" Wide. 
  • Inside Dimensions: 24¼" Deep x 14" Wide. 
  • Weight: 80.00 lbs
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Legs included
  • Features integrated honey gate
  • Easily upgraded to a motorized radial extractor unit with our Motor and Conversion Kit
  • Now with 26-gauge stainless steel basket
  • Ships crated and fully assembled by truck


  • 58.00 x 39.00 x 47.00 inches
  • 80.00 LBS


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    Well built

    by Steven Lang on Mar 18, 2022

    Should work great