Silver Queen Uncapper

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You will make quick work of your uncapping process with the Silver Queen Uncapper! This gravity slide feeder holds four combs which are fed precisely into the uncapper. The Silver Queen has no trouble uncapping 9 combs per minute. That is around 60 boxes per hour!

The Silver Queen Uncapper is made out of 12-gauge stainless steel, which is ideal for use in your honey extracting operation. A ½ HP1725 RPM capacitor motor drives the gears and knives for a smooth and streamlined uncapping process. Also included are chain lugs to prevent jams and slipping combs.

The Silver Queen Uncapper can easily be converted to accommodate deep or shallow frames using the available attachments.

The Silver Queen Uncapper features:

  • Channels, shafts, crossbars, and knives made of stainless steel
  • Sprockets and chains are nickel coated
  • Machin instantly stops with on-off reversing switch
  • Slip clutch is adjustable
  • Instantly adapt knife handle to ideal cutting depth
  • Heat knives with hot water or steam


  • 150.00 LBS