Apis Biologix Bio-Control

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Apis Biologix Bio-Control, also known as Canadian Rocket Fuel, is the first, and only, formulation of phytochemical, amino acid, vitamin and phytohormone profiles naturally present in floral nectar. Also known as rocket fuel, this feeding supplement is applied by mixing into sugar syrup during feeding. This proprietary supplement blend contains the beneficial elements, that bees would consume from nectar offering beneficial effects on the population of colonies.

We have 2 size options:

200 liter size - mixes into 53 gallons of syrup
1000 liter size - mixes into 264 gallons of syrup

The intended use of Apis Bio-Nutrition is to provide a meaningful nutritional support program that can be employed during high-stress situations for improved operational consistency and ‘control’ over season-to-season variability. 

Providing nutritional support for the growth and immune status of the colony in the following application(s): 

  • Building Population
  • Winter Preparation
  • Dearth, or nutritionally depleted conditions
  • Pollination events
  • Nutritional Support for Queen Rearing
  • Mobilizing/Transport


  • 0.30 LBS