Gold Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redeem rewards on everything?

2.5% rewards can be redeemed everything except syrup shipments or liquid sugar.

Are there any exclusions to the 5% discount when shopping in store?

Some exclusions may apply. Sale items and bulk syrup are excluded from the 5% discount.

What is priority handling?

Being part of the Gold Club means your orders will be picked and processed before non-Gold Club customers.

How do I use my rewards?

                                  Rewards of at least $20 will be posted to your account in March and September.

For example, if you spend $800 in January, a credit of $20 will be posted to your Gold Club account in March.

When will my rewards be ready to redeem?

Rewards accrued will be posted onto accounts twice a year, once during March and again during September.


Terms and Conditions: Your annual membership of $130 will be automatically renewed unless you cancel. Sales tax is due where applicable. Purchases must be paid within terms. Reward balances are non-transferrable.

When ordering online, member must be logged into their customer account to earn rewards. Earn rewards on all purchases. Points cannot be redeemed for syrup shipments or liquid sugar.

5% discount is applicable to all products available unless otherwise specified. Terms and conditions of membership are subject to change without notice.