8 Frame Slatted Rack


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First developed in 1900, the slatted rack is essential for overwintering and swarm control in the North. Allows the queen to lay lower in the comb and provides space for clustering which can reduce swarming. Install between the bottom board and brood chamber. Slats line up with frames, so it can be used along with our Varroa Trap. Ships assembled.

Compatible with 8 Frame equipment only.


  • 1.90 x 14.00 x 20.00 inches
  • 3.40 LBS


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    I'm using these in every hive I own

    by Mack on Apr 12, 2022

    Was skeptical at first but after all 3 of my hives (with this rack) made it through the winter, I plan to use one on every hive next year. Keeps the foundations a little farther away from the breezy entrance.