8 Frame Moisture Board


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Protect your hives from moisture buildup during the winter months with our beehive moisture board. Moisture boards help absorb the condensation and keep your bees dry and comfortable during the colder months.

Using an 8-frame Moisture Board

Place the moisture board on top of the inner cover, then add the outer cover. You can also cover the hive with a winter wrap to improve stability and security. Use the telescoping cover and a rock to hold the flaps down if necessary.

  • 8-frame moisture board is 1/2" thick
  • Compatible with 8-frame equipment only

Benefits of a Moisture Board for Beehives

If your bees don't have enough stores to get through winter, they can end up starving and will not make it to spring. Checking your hives on a warmer, calm, sunny day is a great time to see how your hives are doing. Replacing moisture boards and replenishing feeds are important factors in making sure your bees make it through the rest of the winter.

Excess moisture is one of the most significant threats to your hive in the wintertime. Condensation from rain and snow can be detrimental to the hive’s survival. The 8-frame moisture board absorbs excess moisture in the hive and wicks it to the outside, keeping the bees warm and dry.


  • 0.70 x 14.10 x 20.00 inches
  • 1.10 LBS


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    Moisture Board

    by Ron Styles on Mar 29, 2022

    This last shipment was not 3/4 thick. only 1/2 inch.