ProVent Beekeeping Jacket

$118.99 - $124.95

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The ProVent Bee Jacket is professional grade and designed to provide the highest level of comfort and protection. The durable synthetic fabric provides outstanding breathability and toughness that will keep you cool in the bee yard season after season. We put extra reinforcement in high-wear areas, so you don’t have to worry about doing what you need to keep your bees happy and healthy.

Features of the ProVent Bee Jacket

The ProVent beekeeping jacket provides outstanding protection to ensure you can care for your bees without fear of being stung. These are some of the features that make it a great bee jacket:

  • Self-supporting veil
  • Covered, heavy-duty zippers
  • Heavy-duty elastic wrist openings
  • Lightest vented suit jacket available
  • Large, zippered chest pocket, perfect for tools or cell phone
  • Extreme breathability with extra reinforcement in wear areas

Veils are not interchangeable with other Mann Lake veils.

Please note, the patch may be removed on some suits.

We offer a free, one-time exchange of clothing and gear! See our Returns & Exchange Policy for more information.


  • 14.60 inches
  • 1.90 LBS
  • Tip: Use baseball cap to keep veil away from your face


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    Durable and Hood is Adjustible, just Hot

    by Drew on Jan 21, 2024

    This jacket is hotter than a single ply lightweight jacket that I had before, but at least i don't get stung theough this one all the time light the other one. I had to have a semstress replace the elastic on the wrists after 2 years of heavy use with thicker elastic and it has been fine for another two. but other than that it has been quite durable. I don't use the thumb loops since I use extended cuff gloves. To adjust the hood to the droop that i like, I used a single safety pin on the very top to hold two of the segments together and keep tue flat front closer to my face. I had to do that the first time I used it because otherwise it was very cumbersome to try to catch the sun at the right angle to see in frame cells. I bought a 2nd one for when this one wears out when the elastic started to go, but i haven't needed it yet. If i find a suit that is cooler i'll switch. As it stands now i am soaking wet after a few hours of working the hives on a normal summer day in maryland and i'm not normally a sweaty person. Makes me wonder why I chose this hobby, I need to put all my hives in the shade.

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    After 2 years using

    by Logan S on Nov 08, 2023

    Durability - This jacket has held up to a decent number of removals and regular apiary maintenance. The elastic thumb loops and even the elastic in the waistband barely made it 3 months. After a few wear/wash cycles it was toast. Suit is probably better for this reason. Veil - I personally dont like how far away this is from my face. It is FAR and limits visibility in a lot of situations. I also have big ears and have been stung through the veil in the ear too many times to count. *********************************************************************************************************************** * Mann Lake: Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our beekeeping jacket. We appreciate your insights regarding the durability of specific features like the elastic thumb loops and waistband. We apologize that these components did not meet your expectations in terms of longevity, and we will certainly consider your input for future improvements. Your comments about the veil's distance from your face and its impact on visibility are also valuable. We recognize the importance of both comfort and functionality. As a suggestion, you might find wearing a baseball cap helpful to keep the veil away from your face, providing an improved experience during your apiary work.

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    by Arthur Holmes on Mar 25, 2022

    Tried it on but the hood droops really low. Hard to see out from.

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    Pro Jacket

    by David Martin on Mar 24, 2022

    This is my first jacket but I did a lot of research. It came quickly, well, the second time. The carrier lost the first order but Mann Lake made everything right! It fits great. I’m a big guy and didn’t want a close fit. The fencing type headgear is much better than another one I have that was a gift. I will still use my round hat veil combo but the other one will be a good spare. I didn’t even realize it came with the jacket. It is well made.