Unassembled 9 5/8" Budget Grade Deep Hive Box

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The most economical choice for our money-wise customers. This highly functional box allows multiple solid or loose knots, pitch pockets, functional cracks and knots in fingers or rabbets. Imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are not accepted. Loose knots are acceptable unless you can push them out. Knots on fingers and rabbet ears are acceptable. Knots in hand holds are acceptable. Half the thickness or more can be missing from the top or bottom of the board as long as it remains a functional board. Sides and ends with hand holes slightly off center are acceptable.

Use 9⅛" Frames and 8½" Foundation. Nails not included.

What size is right for me?

Did you know the only difference in measurements between 10 frame and 8 frame boxes is the width? 8 frame equipment is narrower than 10 frame, and not always compatible with other 8 frame equipment as dimensions vary slightly by manufacturers. 10 frame equipment offers more space for brood and honey production.


  • 4.00 x 20.00 inches
  • 8.50 LBS
  • Budget grade wood
  • Size is 9 5/8"
  • Nails not included.


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    Hive bodies

    by Michael VanRanden on Mar 16, 2022

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