10 Frame Propolis Trap

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Bees create propolis to seal cracks in the hive, smooth out rough surfaces, and make guarding the hive easier by making the entrances smaller.

Our 10-frame propolis traps are an excellent way to harvest clean propolis from the hive and add extra income to a beekeeping business. Propolis is a highly sought-after product for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties—it’s a fantastic product to sell to consumers looking for natural remedies.

Using a propolis trap lets you remove propolis from your hive quickly and efficiently.

This polypropylene trap will last years and can easily hold its shape between seasons. This propolis trap is compatible with 10-frame equipment but can also be cut to fit 8 frames.

Using the Propolis Trap and Collecting Propolis

Replace your inner cover with our plastic propolis trap. The bees will fill the grooves of the propolis trap, making it easy to collect propolis.

To remove the propolis, beekeepers should simply put the propolis trap inside a plastic bag and freeze it overnight. Twist or gently bang the propolis trap inside the bag against a flat surface to release the propolis.

Our 10-frame propolis traps are made in the USA.


  • 0.40 x 16.90 x 21.10 inches
  • 0.90 LBS