10 Frame Drawer Pollen Trap

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If you look after bees, you will find that it’s quite beneficial to collect pollen from the hive. Pollen can be used for various purposes–it is used in the creation of nutritional supplements and apicultural products. 

Because of this, harvested pollen provides an additional income opportunity for beekeeping enthusiasts. Observing pollen is also a great way to study an area’s environmental conditions and plant diversity.

The best way to collect pollen is by using a pollen trap. Strategically placed between the brood chamber and the super, a pollen trap is a beekeeping tool that collects pollen from bees as they enter the hive.

The typical setup of pollen traps allows beekeepers to harvest their own pollen without disrupting their hives. The pollen trap must be closed periodically to ensure that the colony retains enough pollen for its health and hive functions.

Our pollen trap fits securely between the brood chamber and super with its four-sided frames. It sits outside of the hive boxes. 

Once the old entrance is blocked off, the bees will enter through the pollen trap entrance and go through a screen. This results in the pollen falling into the pollen trap drawer and bottom board. 

This pollen trap’s drawer opens easily, so you can harvest and collect your pollen with no issues. For the most optimal pollen trap experience, close off the pollen trap for 2 to 3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores.

  • "Easy harvest" pull out drawer
  • Can fit standard 10-frame equipment only


  • 6.40 x 8.90 x 16.40 inches
  • 4.20 LBS